Understanding The Culture

We’ve been a partner of choice in the regional market for three decades, which means we understand its nuances very well. In fact, we understand the culture of each market we operate in, and ensure this insight translates into every element of the IFE experience. All our content, whether sourced or created, reflects this knowledge. For instance, we know menu options, duty free bargains and even infotainment selections need to be tailored to demographics. We help our airline partners create a compelling passenger journey that conforms to local norms, and help them craft an experience that suits their audience. We also offer expert content localisation, subtitling and translation services in a variety of languages.

Deeply involved in the IFE industry

OnBoard has three decades of experience of working with some of the leading airlines in the region and in fact the world. Along the way, we’ve built lasting relationships with producers, distributors and studios to ensure we always have first call on the finest content – be it Hollywood blockbusters, regional films or local Islamic content. We’ve also assembled formidable in-house capabilities in creative media, production and post-production, backed by full technical support. For our airline partners, this means that we can not only source and produce exciting content but also deliver in spectacular ways across a variety of systems and languages. We have first access to the best content available globally. And that’s all through the power of strong IFE networks honed through the years.

Revenue Generation

We don’t just produce, curate, localise and implement engaging content and interactive apps. We also help our airline partners turn that into revenue generating opportunities through media sales. We have access to advertisers who are constantly searching for engaged audience. And we support them with detailed demographic and targeting data. Our media sales team ensures that spectacular on-board content – be it video, app based or pushed to personalised mobile devices – can be monetised through branding and ad sales.

Complete Solution

OnBoard is great at coming up with industry-leading creative ideas and content. But what really sets us apart is the way we support our airline partners in implementing and delivering them. Our in-house capabilities support the curation and acquisition of content. We build on that ability through localisation for individual markets and consumer demographics. We implement turnkey software solutions, and also provide industry leading intelligence reports for selecting the right hardware systems. Around that branded and customised ecosystem, we build customised apps, GUIs, and delivery mechanisms for memorable passenger journeys. In short, we offer end-to-end solutions so our airline clients can see great ideas deliver exceptional results on every flight.

Sensible, Honest Advice

Our industry experience has made us realise that we can only grow when airlines succeed. That’s why we tend to not to like the hard sell. We prefer working with our airline partners to understand their pain points, their requirements, any constraints they might have, and the makeup of their passengers. Based on that, we deliver tailored solutions and business suggestions based on honest advice, consumer engagement metrics, cultural nuances and market research. Small wonder that our growth has been powered largely by reputation and word of mouth.

Strong Customer Focus

We realise that airlines and OnBoard have the same end client – the passenger. This is why we work with our airline partners to create spectacular passenger journeys relying on the most intuitive GUIs, personalised technology, engaging reads and the latest content from around the world – all tailored to the preferences of airline passengers. We approach every contract by asking what flyers would want on-board for an unforgettable experience. Then, we bring our creative intelligence and technological nous towards translating that to reality.

For passengers, we deliver intimate, customised, engaging passenger journeys. For airlines, our value is in the hassle-free, bespoke, end-to-end partnerships we offer to make absolutely sure their passengers are happy. We don’t believe in mass produced content, services, delivery mechanisms or technology. We’d much rather spend time with our airline partners to understand exactly what they need, and delight them with solutions that deliver far better than they thought possible.

Fully Dedicated Exclusive Team

OnBoard thrives on the understanding that one size really never fits all. That’s why we’ve created dedicated teams that excel in their individual fields. Our content sourcing teams have industry leading connections with the best of Hollywood, Bollywood, regional cinema and arthouse creations. We get access to the latest TV series irrespective of genre. Our production and post-production wing can create scintillating content from scratch, but also localises, subtitles and translates global hits.

Our world class GUI development team delivers an intuitive journey to enhance airline-passenger engagement at every turn. And our interactive app development team breathes new life into e-menus, e-readers and games. All of this is supported by a keen media sales team that delivers revenue generation opportunities across every channel to ensure our airline partners can turn great content into reassuring financial results.

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