Technical Services

We don’t just create superb content. We also implement integrated software solutions to bring it to your passengers seamlessly. Our AVOD team works with all IFE systems in the industry today and also supports legacy installations. Our interactive app development brings customised e-menus, e-readers and digital IFE guides to life. With OnBoard’s technical services, our airline partners get complete solutions that deliver breathtaking passenger experiences seamlessly.

Technical Management

We don’t just offer compelling content, but create customised software solutions to deliver it seamlessly, backed by extensive in-house technical management capabilities.

We offer unique metadata management capabilities to carefully sort terabytes of infotainment content. Our AVOD team is skilled in working with all hardware systems in use by the industry, and can also create innovative solutions for analogue legacy systems. Our fast duplication services copy digital files to analogue tape for compatibility. We deliver MPEG encoded videos as well as HD content, and can utilise PCMIA flashcards, specially encoded CDs and even cassette tapes.

We are experts in interactive app development for the widest possible spectrum of systems, and create bespoke e-menus, e-readers, digital IFE guides and intranet content that fit perfectly with existing hardware, software and brand guidelines.

With OnBoard’s technical expertise, you can rest assured that our exceptional content is backed by the system expertise required for smooth implementation.

Tablet Solutions

As leaders in IFE technology, we are proud to help our airline partners devise new ways of delivering personalised content preloaded on tablets – all the while generating ancillary revenues and cost savings for our airline clients.

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