Media Sales

We don’t just create and source quality content. We also help our airline partners monetise it in innovative ways. Our specialist media sales team invites advertisers to take advantage of a unique on-board audience and capture in-flight attention across print, video and digital media. We make sure that great in-flight content is also good for the business bottom line.

Revenue Generation

We have unique insight into the on-board environment. Which means we are well equipped to help airlines create revenue generation opportunities across every touchpoint by honing innovative relationships between the passenger and advertiser. With our integrated revenue generation solutions that explore ways of monetising all on-board media – from inflight magazines and duty free catalogues to movies and TV shows – we make sure that rich content also earns tangible revenues.


Imagine the power of millions of unique captive customers in the sky. The appeal of a target audience that is actively seeking entertainment and looking to engage with on-board touchpoint. This is an audience that is carefully measured, and offers detailed demographic targeting opportunities. For advertisers, OnBoard creates unique connections between brands and passengers across rich digital, audio and video and print channels. For our airline partners, this translates into content that drives revenue while delivering an exceptional passenger journey.

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