Creative Services

We deliver inspiring production services that improve brand engagement. Full animation, motion graphics and post-production facilities bring your content to stunning life, any way you want.

Interface Design

OnBoard creates intuitive and visually stunning Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) that fit airline branding and are exceptionally easy to navigate. Our team designs exceptional interfaces for all the IFE systems in current use, including legacy ones. We also produce interfaces for web and mobile platforms.

IFE Branding

We provide customised branding solutions for all passenger touch points – and can translate brand values to intuitive GUIs, advertisements and infotainment content. We also design and deliver engagement tools such as e-readers, e-menus and digital guides based around our airline partners’ brand aspirations.

Creative Media

Our creative media solutions bring scintillating video, audio and games to the passenger experience, with the world’s best content either sourced and localised, or created from scratch. Our team delivers animated videos in 2D or 3D with beautiful motion graphics, locally shot and produced content, thrilling audio, and immersive games

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